Queer Cinema for Palestine – Program

Queer Cinema for Palestine (QCP) is a collectively-curated 10-day film festival celebrating global queer realities and standing in solidarity with Palestinians.

QCP will run from 11-20 November and host more than a dozen events across the world, both online and in person. QCP is a first-time global queer solidarity initiative that offers a vibrant space using art and culture to oppose the ongoing violence of Israeli apartheid.

QCP will feature films and documentaries including Palestinian and South West African and North African regional films and artists, masterclasses with filmmakers, panel discussionsdrag performancesqueer Indigenous solidarity, and more.

QCP coincides with TLVFest, the Israeli government-sponsored LGBT film festival. Palestinian queers have called for a boycott of TLVFest over its role in pinkwashing Israel’s regime of military occupation and apartheid oppressing all Palestinians.

QCP will feature some of the more than 50 filmmakers who have pulled their films from TLVFest in response to the call from Palestinian queers and the nearly 200 who have pledged not to screen at TLVFest. A special program of Brazilian short films will honor the eight Brazilian filmmakers who withdrew from TLVFest in 2020.

QCP recognizes that fighting apartheid via principled acts of refusal and withdrawal is just part of the equation. QCP offers a space for artists to do what they do best: creating art for audiences and using art for social change.

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Nov 11: PrishtinaQueers for Palestine // Dylberat për Palestinën

Nov 11: London, OntarioLand/Trust: A Conversation Across Turtle Island and Palestine

Nov 11/12: Paris/BeirutA Wakeful Rest : Voices for Palestine // En veille, une assemblée de voix pour la Palestine

Nov 13: Pop-up screening – Films withdrawn from TLVFest: March for Dignity

Nov 14: TunisQueer Cinema for Palestine (Tunisia)

Nov 14: SofiaAutonomous Queer Cinema for Palestine //Автономно Куиър Кино за Палестина

Nov 15: MontrealQueer for Palestine

Nov 16: Pop-up screening – Films withdrawn from TLVFest (Stay tuned…)

Nov 17: Seoul – Palestine Solidarity Screening

Nov 18: BerlinLoud Voices: The Weaponization of Antisemitism

Nov 19: BilbaoFree Palestine: Decolonization and Dyke Alliances

Nov 19: TurinQueer Cinema for Palestina – Torino

Nov 19: BrasiliaCinema Queer pela Palestina

Nov 20: Belfast – Outburst Queer Arts Festival – Queers and the State: Art and Cultures as tools for Gender, Social and Political Justice

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