Film Festival 2023

Queer Cinema for Palestine 2.0 – Invitation to Partner

Join us to create the second edition of Queer Cinema for Palestine

The working group of Queer Cinema for Palestine invites expressions of interest from individuals or groups to organize the second edition of Queer Cinema for Palestine, a global, decentralized film festival slated for late fall 2023. We are particularly keen to encourage those wishing to curate programs of screenings by filmmakers in their locality and other participatory events such as live discussions with artists and filmmakers. We will provide support and will aim to network individuals and groups who respond to this call. Please read the information below and contact us if you are interested.

QCP 1.0

Queer Cinema for Palestine (QCP) started in May 2021 as a solidarity initiative offering artists and arts groups around the world a vibrant space to stand together, using our art to oppose the ongoing violence of Israeli occupation and apartheid against Indigenous Palestinians.

The premier edition of QCP took place in a dozen locations and made history as the first-ever global queer initiative, centering Palestinian artists and standing in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for freedom, justice and equality.

QCP 2.0

Join us to organize QCP v2.0! Each day during the festival, a different partner organization will host a specially-curated program in their location as part of the global festival. These events will be both in-person and online for audiences both inside and outside Palestine.

QCP will continue to center both Palestinian and SWANA region filmmakers as well as artists who have pulled their films from the pinkwashing, Israeli government-sponsored TLVFest and/or have signed the Queer Cinema for Palestine pledge in solidarity with Palestinians. Events will also feature conversations between Palestinian and global artists, talking about art, solidarity and social justice.


QCP plans to provide online hosting for streaming curated programs during the festival. QCP has some funding available to support partner curated programs and to collectively promote your event to reach a global audience. You and your partners will curate your event (up to 2 hours) and host a local in-person version in your location, if possible. QCP will provide a detailed how-to “tool kit” for each partner group.


Queer Cinema for Palestine will take place in November 2023.


QCP invites you to curate / join one of these programs. You can collaborate with our working group, coming together by location, by discipline, or by theme (e.g. a coalition of human rights groups or queer anti-police groups) — the choice and scale are yours to decide.

You might choose to curate an original program or re-present a program of films that you have already shown in your own community. You might choose to spotlight local works or curate works with a Palestinian/social justice theme. You might present a single recent dramatic feature or documentary. The goal of QCP is to showcase new and diverse films and filmmakers from around the world that celebrate our shared goals of decolonization, anti-racism, justice for Palestine, and solidarity with Palestinian queers.


Contact us for more information and to partner with QCP to build the second edition together.   


Over the past four years, more than 50 filmmakers have pulled their films from the pinkwashing, Israeli government-sponsored TLVFest, in response to calls from Palestin­ian queers, declaring that “there’s no pride in apartheid”. In addition, more than 200 queer filmmakers have pledged not to screen at TLVfest.

But more and more we’ve realized that fighting apartheid via principled acts of refusal and withdrawal is just part of the equation. We are artists, and what we do best is make art for audiences, using our art for social change and creating spac­es for Palestinians and their work.

Inspired by global movements and their support, such as Black Lives Matter and Idle No More, we’ve created Queer Cinema for Palestine: a logical step in this global solidarity campaign to support Indigenous peoples in dismantling settler colonialism.


“Historically, Palestine has always been multi-ethnic, multi-religious, a place and a space for all — I support queer Palestine and Queer Cinema for Palestine.”
— Anne-Marie Jacir, Palestinian filmmaker

“We Palestinian queers are calling on filmmakers around the world to join us for a festival that shouts YES to queer cinema and NO to Israeli Apartheid.”
— Ghadir Shafie, co-founder, ASWAT/Kooz Festival

“When Israel was dropping bombs on Gaza, I just couldn’t show my film that same night at a film festival in Israel – Queer or otherwise! As a Jewish filmmaker, it was so important to be in solidarity with Palestinians.”
— Elle Flanders, filmmaker and artist

“We applaud these queer filmmakers for heeding our call not to cross the picket line and supporting our nonviolent struggle for freedom, justice and equality.”
— Omar Barghouti, Palestinian Campaign for the Academic & Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI)